If you are concerned about your child’s eyesight, book them a sight test as soon as possible.

Batty and Dexter children’s opticians in Liverpool and Southport are experts at providing eyecare for children of all ages. If you notice your child sitting closer to the TV or having trouble reading their books, please book them in for an eye test at Batty and Dexter.

Get ahead of the queue

Children ‘learn’ to see before the age of 8, therefore it is crucial for them to have clear vision during this period for them to achieve their best vision for the rest of their lives.

If your child fails a school eye test, book them for a free child eye test at your nearest branch of Batty and Dexter Opticians. We will assess your child’s vision, discuss any concerns with you and correct any refractive error with glasses and/or contact lenses. Often children are referred from failed school eye tests to Alder Hey. The wait for an appointment at Alder Hey can be in excess of 18 months. Please instead, book an eye test at one of our branches and if a referral is necessary, we will arrange this for you.

Batty and Dexter Opticians in Aintree, Anfield, Hunts Cross and Southport stock a huge choice of children’s eyewear. From budget to designer eyewear, we have styles to suit all children.

Children can safely wear daily disposable contact lenses

New research has reported on the safety of fitting children with soft hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses. The study, which was published in Contact lens and Anterior Eye, involved 144 children between the ages of eight and 12 at four international sites.

A total of 92 participants completed the six-year follow up period. The researchers reported that there were no serious adverse ocular events related to contact lens wear over the course of the study, while bio microscopy revealed no significant changes.

Batty and Dexter Opticians have successfully fitted many young children with contact lenses. Contact lens fitting for children can change their lives. Freedom from glasses especially with sport can significantly help a child’s mental wellbeing.