We’re sure that you’ll love wearing contact lenses.

Come and see us – we want to re-assure you that it’s the right decision before you go for it.

Book into one of our branches for a contact lens eye tests to help decide which type you would like to try. Our helpful staff will let you know what the best options are.

Eye Test

We will need to have a look at your eyes in one of our eye tests (normal charges may apply). This gives your optician the chance to check how well you can see and how healthy your eyes are.

If you’ve had an eye test in the last two years you don’t need to have another one before we assess you for contact lenses, but it’s good to have an up to date prescription so that you’ll be given the most suitable lenses for your needs. If you had your eye test with another optician just bring a copy of your prescription with you to the assessment.

Contact Lens Assessment

Once we’ve had a good look, we’ll ask you to pop back into store for your contact lens assessment. This is a chance for the optician to find out which lenses best suit your lifestyle and talk you through our products, prices and how to care for your lenses.