An automated refraction eye test is one of the ways we can measure how well you can see and helps us determine the lens strength you need to see clearly.

Your sight test will begin with an auto refraction scan of your eyes. This automatically gives your Optometrist an incredibly accurate prescription without having to ask questions that many clients find difficult to answer.

Auto refraction makes the whole sight test a very pleasurable experience, It takes the stress and guesswork out of the sight test for so many clients.

What conditions can an autorefractor detect?

An autorefractor detects common conditions which cause blurry vision.

Short sight or myopia
Where you have difficulty seeing things far away but are ok with closer objects. In cases like these the eye shape is too long which causes light to focus beofre it reaches the retina.

Long sight or hyperopia
People with long sight have clear vision for distance but struggle to see things up close-up. This can be caused by the eye being too short, the cornea being too flat or a problem with the lens.

Astigmatism means that light coming into the eye is focused in more than one place on the retina due to an irregular shaped retina. This causes blurring.

Who is normally tested for refraction?

Refreaction tests make up part of every eye test and all clients will need a regular check up to make sure they can see clearly and that their lenses or glasses are working correctly. We suggest you have an eye test every couple of years – or sooner if you notice a change in vision.

Autorefractors can give a quick, highly accurate measurement to determine whether any vision correction is needed and are beneficial for people who may have trouble concentrating, or those who have difficulty describing their vision problems (such as small children, dementia sufferers or a people with a mental disabilty)