Batty and Dexter is a great place to discover some great frames - the key piece of any outfit.

With the power to flatter, make a statement, nail a trend or channel a style icon, sunglasses can make or break a look.

With new adventures in fabric, colour, finish, shape and the latest runway references, sunglasses are an extension of the wardrobe. We stock thousands of frames from the most iconic brands.

Tiffany & Co sunglasses

Arguably the world’s most iconic jewellery brand, Tiffany, dates back to 1837 and known globally as iconic jewellery experts, Tiffany & Co’s incredible brand heritage filters through to their luxurious optical collection. Tiffany sunglasses are jewellery-inspired and create a sense of romance, with dainty charms and temple detailing.

Tiffany’s signature blue colour features heavily throughout the collection – predominately on the inside leg of the mostly acetate collection. Tiffany glasses will subtly let everyone know that they are unmistakably Tiffany.

RayBan sunglasses

Whether you’re looking for a rock ‘n’ roll Wayfarer, or the laid back cool of an Aviator, Ray Ban is a brand with a long heritage in eyewear.

The classic Aviator’s tear-drop shape is the most efficient way to block light from entering the eye, and was issued to US pilots during World War 2. This furthered civilian demand of the frame and a classic was born. Ray Ban developed the Wayfarer in 1952, with plastic frames seen as the material of the future. Ray Bans have become a ‘wardrobe staple’ and universal appeal amongst just about everybody.

Persol sunglasses

Persol brand – or “per il sole” (for the sun) was created in 1917 by Turin based photographer Giuseppe Ratti. Persol sunglasses began as protective eyewear for motorcyclists, pilots and the military. The range is distinctly vintage, with inspiration coming from technology and cinema.

Persol’s Reflex collection is inspired by old cameras; while their Film Noir collection is created with characters in mind from the genre of the same name.

Persol is the brand chosen by NASA and mountaineers due to their undeniable quality and outstanding functionality. The products are elegant and stylish design using carefully selected materials and still made in Turin. Persol’s dedication to research and technological development makes the brand one of the world’s most prominent within the eyewear industry.

Oakley sunglasses

Oakley was started by James Jannard in 1975 out of his garage and the name “Oakley” came from his dog – an English Setter called “Oakley Anne”.

Oakley is one of the leading product design and sport performance brands in the world and their Californian team works relentlessly to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Oakley sunglasses are the chosen eyewear brand of world-class athletes around the world who are competing at the highest level possible.

Oakley glasses give superior clarity; no unwanted magnification, no distortion, just clear, precise vision. They also include impact protection that surpasses industry standards, something you’ll be thankful for when a stone from the tyre of the guy in front flies in to your face.

Michael Kors sunglasses

With a strong line of womenswear Michael Kors designs have been celebrated for their beauty and perfection since 1981 and in 2015, Michael Kors eyewear was launched to offer the same level of perfection in each frame.

Each pair of Michael Kors frames are sophisticated and indulgent with iconic design features such as gold legs, intricate shaped frames and bold patterns. Michael Kors’ eyewear collections capture the effortless sophistication for which the designer is celebrated.

Emporio Armani sunglasses

The Emporio Armani brand boasts an array of contrasting elements and styles that portray elegance and greatness. EA is a lavish brand that is an urban interpretation of the fashion scene with a distinctive highly recognisable edge.

Emporio Armani is luxurious, but a little more understated than many other brands and tends to steer away from bold and garish colours, keeping their designs contemporary and chic.

Emporio Armani has an extensive range of visors in their collection, all of which are very popular and distinctively crafted to incorporate their Italian charisma. The collection contains some great colours and styles to suit both male and female.

Dolce & Gabbana

Established in 1985, Dolce&Gabbana is one of the leading global brands in the fashion and luxury goods sector.

The Dolce&Gabbana DNA has always been rooted in its unique story made up of three pillars: sartorial ability, sensuality and Sicily. Sartorial ability reflects their craftsmanship and attention to hand-crafted details and finishes. Sensuality is present in seductive and confident style, and the perfect fit. Finally, Sicily: the Brand’s origin a reinterpretation of Italian tradition codes, Mediterranean art and culture.