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We have the largest choice competitively priced glasses in Liverpool. From budget to designer be assured our trained staff will advise you on the latest frame collections to make you look and feel great.

Q1. Is it possible for me to have sunglasses made to my current prescription?

Batty & Dexter offer a great selection of designer sunglass frames, all of which are suitable for prescription lenses, and many of which can be made as multifocal sunglass lenses.

Batty & Dexter offer a great selection of designer sunglass frames, all of which are suitable for prescription lenses, and many of which can be made as multifocal sunglass lenses.


Q2. I require a flexible frame which is less susceptible to damage than standard designs. What choices are available to me?

Batty & Dexter Opticians regularly make sure that we stock the latest in frame designs and provide the very best choice available for our patients. Because of this, we are able to offer frame options that are able to meet the most specific of requirements.

There are a number of flexible frames on our range which are especially durable. There is a range of titanium frames which are extremely light and comfortable. We also offer a collection of hypo-allergenic frames which are designed not to cause any of the irritation that can sometimes present itself when wearing plastic or stainless steel frames.


Q3. I require a powerful prescription in order to correct my vision. Because of this, I am concerned about the thickness of my lenses?

In cases whereby a patient requires strong lenses, the way to get the best results in terms of your finished pair of glasses is for your dispenser to carefully guide you through your choice of high index lenses, as well as selecting a frame style that will be most complimentary to your prescription.

The box size of the frame design, as well as the refractive index of your lenses are two of the main factors that contribute towards making the spectacles look as good as they possibly can. Our dispensers will give you full and thorough advice on how we can provide you with a pair of glasses that is ideal for you.


Q4. I require multifocal lenses. Which frames am I allowed to choose from?

Our dispensing staff are highly-trained and will give you the best possible advice with regards to frame selection for both bifocals and varifocals. Contrary to popular belief, you are not limited to having to choose large frames in order to accommodate these types of lenses.

There are many types of varifocal lenses that are compact enough as not to compromise the stylistic requirements of your frames. Whatever your preferences in terms of frame design, we will spend the time to ensure you are given the frame and lenses combination that is perfect for you.


Q5. I want to try some new designer frames. What sort of range is available?

The designer range of frames at Batty & Dexter Opticians is extensive, and offers designs that go from the subtle and discreet to the prominent and bold. Specific selections have been created that appeal to ladies and gentlemen respectively.

There are a number of recognisable brand names to be found at our practice. Lindberg Glasses, Ray-Ban Glasses, Polo Ralph Lauren, Oakley, and Armani for gentlemen, as well as Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, and Dior for ladies, are just some of the many names that are featured on our selection.


Q6. What frame options are available to me?

At Batty & Dexter, we have an extensive range of frames to meet all requirements. From fashionable yet competitively-priced frames to the high-end brand names, we provide a selection that has been designed to offer variety in terms of budget and style.

There are also many different types of frame style on offer. From full-rimmed to rimless and from plastic to titanium, the range consists of several different frame materials and compositions.


Q7. I have been recommended glasses, but I have never worn them before. How do I need to wear them, and what style should I go for?

For patients who have never worn spectacles before, it can be a surprise if you are eventually told that you need to wear them. In this situation, it is important to take the advice of the optometrist and staff at the practice.

Your optometrist will tell you the reason that you have been recommended glasses, when you need to wear them, and the regularity with which you need to wear them. Our advisors on the practice floor will then expertly guide you through the frame selection process.


Q8. How do I know which frames will best suit my appearance?

A: If you feel uncertain about choosing a frame and are worried about how to tell which styles will best suit your appearance, it may be comforting to know that many of our patients feel the exact same way.

Our expert staff are highly-trained in providing assistance to our patients, and will offer you the best possible advice on choices of frames that will compliment you best. We work hard to create an environment in which our patients can feel comfortable during their frame selection process.